Sunday, 25 September 2016

Artyfarty day

Hello. It's been all about art today. My friend Carol from the Crafty Club picked me up and we went to the Artists Studios Open Day at The Ropewalk Gallery. I have been visiting this event for a few years now, it's held over two weekends every September. I always come away fully enthused with my arty batteries recharged and ready to start dabbling. 
It was great to have Carol accompany me on this, I usually walk around by myself, but having a friend means we can bounce ideas off each other. She is of similar ilk to me, liking most things arty, and keen to find out about design and techniques. We learnt quite a lot today, and met some fantastically friendly people who were happy to share their particular art experience. I took a few snaps.
Sitting at his computer busy working is Reginald Swinney. He is a graphics illustrator and designs book covers, leaflets, event programmes, greetings cards, and anything else customers ask for. He has a blog which catalogues some of  his designs back to 2010. 
I had a nice chat with Keith Woodcock, and was very impressed with his amazing paintings, his speciality being aviation and automobiles. You must go to his web site and view his stunning artwork. They capture the emotions of history in the making far better than photographs can.

And here is my favoutite artist, Michael Scrimshaw and his lovely wife Helen. He has many talents, painting a large mural on a brick wall, customizing cars and bikes with airbrushing images, working with large scale sculptures, and inventing new uses for scrap. Michael has a web site but the links from his home page don't work. There are tons of pictures on his facebook page, scroll down a long way to see his latest sculpture which is a lion installed at a school in Grimsby. There are step by step photo's of how he constructed it. I'm sure he won't mind if I copy one here.

The print room was an interesting place. One lady kindly explained how she was making plates ready for printing, then demonstrated how it all works and the results.

Wendy Chan works in felting and patchwork.

Sinclair Ashman is a print maker, he has an exhibition at the Ropewalk, and these are some of the things he uses to make the plates.

I've found a video of him at work in the print room where we were this afternoon.

It was a smashing day out, we seemed to have been there for hours talking to people. Tesco next door  provided us with a snack for lunch. Although there is a very popular cafe on site, it was too busy and we didn't want to sit ages waiting to get served. Luckily Tesco had two chairs near the checkouts so we sat there and people watched while we scoffed. I don't think the chairs are meant for that but we didn't care.

Right now I have a ginger cat who wants some attention and I am finding it difficult to use the keyboard with his face six inches from my hands. I'll sign off and say Tatty byes and Toodle pip

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Group rambling, Brigg and beyond

Hello. I decided to go on a Ranger Ramble today. Sarah leads the group and I haven't seen her for a long time, so it was good for a catch up as well as a walk. Six of us turned up at the Leisure Centre in Brigg at 10.30am, and we set off towards the town. This bridge goes over the Old Ancholme Drain, it looks a bit murky. 
The market looked busy. It's a Farmers Market as well where the local growers and food producers come to sell their wares.

Passing The Angel, which houses the library, the local history museum, and has a nice tea room in the covered courtyard.

A bit further on we picked up the Old River Ancholme, it's very long and straight. Here we took a few minutes break at Cadney Bridge. The weather was warm but quite windy.

From there we turned left along Bridge Lane to Cadney village, where we split up and two people took the shorter route along the road. Four of us plodded across fields, and we met up again at Claytons Corner Cafe at Howsham. This is a popular place to stop off for walkers and cyclists, it was warm enough to sit outside.. We were all quite hungry so we made our choices from the extensive menu. All food is home cooked, and the home made cake display looked scrumptious. They also sell very nice ice cream. I've had a look at TripAdvisor and they have lots of good reports on there. Nice friendly smiley staff, with quick service. 
Suitable refreshed with full tums we took to the footpaths across fields, back to Brigg.

They called in at a pub in Brigg but I didn't want to so I left them too it and walked back to my car. I landed back home at just after 5.30pm. The mileage according to BikeHike was 12 miles, so that's given my total a boost making it 776 miles. Now I am chillin with a glass of wine.

It was a nice day with nice company, I might do it again sometimes.

Tomorrow is the last day of Open Studios, where the artists at the Ropewalk Gallery open their doors and invite any visitors to come and chat. I am quite looking forward to that. I hope you have a nice Sunday. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday, 23 September 2016


Hello. It's thanks to my sheddie friends Oliver and Adele, for telling me about this latest article in Good Woodworking magazine, which features both our sheds. I am not in the habit of perusing magazines of any kind, let alone one about woodworking. I might flick through the odd trucking magazine, but only to get a free read before putting it back on the shelf. However, I was in town today and spent £4.50 just to get a copy of this for my scrap book. 
Next to mine was a picture of Oliver and Adele in front of their Shed of dreams. I am so pleased they won their category. They put a lot of work into that, it looks fabulous.

I had a quick whip round Aldi for a few bits and bobs. The main reason for going to town was to get the magazine, have a look at a new exhibition in the Arts Centre, and choose some books from the library. This is what I found.

The cats are all in for the night, Heidi has had her tablet, and I am not going to do my three miles tonight because I am going on an eleven mile walk tomorrow. I have a glass of wine, and I am going to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the books. My idea of bliss.

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Pimp my plaque

Hello. Just to remind you, that my summer house won the best budget category in Shed of the Year. I'm sure you haven't forgotten already, ha ha. Remember this, the plaque I won. All the lettering was black except for the green sponsors name.  They hadn't made a very good job of it so I painted the middle bit red to tart it up a bit. Looks a bit better. 
Then I got to thinking that the sponsors name spoils it, it's a nice bright green gloss paint but how could I get rid of it without destroying the wood. I need to disguise it in some way. Then I suddenly thought, paint, so I called in at Wicks to get some paint of the same colour. I looked high and low on all three paint aisles, found the sponsors section, studied the charts, and no, blow me down, there wasn't any paint this shade of green. Does that mean they used paint from another company, and not their own paint? Very strange. I selected a small pot of green as close as I could get it. 
And this is the result. I thought it should have flowers on it in pink and yellow to match the colours of the rosette, and the pink and yellow doors in the summer house. I added more black to the Category Winner to sharpen it up a bit. 

Good innit! 100% better I think. The moral of this story is....if you don't like something, change it.

Thanks for popping in, We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.
PS, The tooth filling went well, Jim was ever so gentle, hardly felt a thing, just a little prick.