Thursday, 22 February 2018

Filling in the rings, part 2 video

Hello. Bit late tonight, waiting for a video to upload. Remember this doodle with the machine I did yesterday. 
I wondered what it would look like if I coloured it in. I used felt tip pens, and some of the colours have bled, but not to worry, it was an experiment. Easy way to make an abstract art picture. It might work better with paint, and a closer woven fabric. 
I forgot to mention this, I bought a bag full of very small black safety pins from the Scrapstore, must be about a thousand. Something told me to buy it. I immediately thought a picture, there is a picture in there somewhere. All I have to do is find the picture, and use the pins to make it.

I made this video this morning, faffed about trying to get the angle right, the lighting wasn't right, move everything around. I made it once, too long, I waffled too much. Try again. So here we are, part two, how to fill the centre of the wrapped ring.

Now you can have fun making them.

My friend isn't coming next week, he wants to wait until the weather is a bit better, as it is supposed to be very cold and snowy for the whole of next week. I think it's best, he wants to do some walking while he is here, so better to wait for the weather to improve.

I am walking Bailey in the morning, Ken the regular walker has Fridays off, and Brenda is away on holiday, so I fill in for them. Garcia went to the vet this afternoon, he is not walking very well due to the lump on his shoulder. I don't know what the outcome is, I will have to wait to see if he arrives tomorrow morning at the back door. He is 19 years old, I hope he has got a bit longer.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Trying new stitchery

Hello. Sorting fabric out today. I had a cushion and two pillows which my friend gave me, the plan was to turn the two pillows into four cushions by opening them up and dividing the filling. I decided I couldn't cope with feathers and down all over the place, so I left them as pillows, and made covers for all three of them. These I delivered to the church. Someone with a bigger bum might be more comfortable on a pillow ;-)
Some of the fabric is suitable for shopping bags, so I have been cutting them out today. It's not a priority to sew them just yet, but they will be ready later when I have time.

I haven't got a free motion foot for my sewing ,machine yet, but I had a go without a foot. Not too bad, I think with a bit more practice I might get the hang of this.

Well back to the fabric sorting, some of it will make nice framed pictures. I need to get on with finishing some of my projects.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lots of crafting goodies to play with.

Hello. A trip to Hull Scrapstore was in order this morning, I had arranged to meet one of our readers who has kindly given me a lot of fabric, and some items to sell for the cat rescue. Look at this lot, one bag is what I purchased, the rest is what Lesley gave me. So it's a big thank you for that. When I have sorted it out I will donate some of it to our crafty club members. I'm sure they will be well chuffed. 
My friend Angela came with me to the Scrapstore, she hadn't been before and was curious to see what was on offer. She does furniture renovations, including upholstery, so she was particularly interested in the heavy fabric. She was really pleased to find exactly what she wanted, so now she can get on with her projects. I thought I was going to have to drag her out of there as she was so excited. We had such a laugh, she is good fun, when we got back she whipped up a lunch of egg and chips.

I just had a phone call from a friend down south, he is planning a trip up here next week. That will be good, I don't know what the cats will think of a German Shepherd invading their territory though, I think I will have to keep them separated.

Right, now I'm going to open those bags and see what's in them. Excited. Thank you Lesley.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Monday, 19 February 2018

Dashing away with the smoothing iron

Hello. I think I have mentioned before that I don't do ironing. I don't buy clothes which need ironing, because I find it incredibly boring to stand slaving over a hot iron for an hour or two. I don't iron any household linens, I have better things to do. 
I do have an iron, and an ironing board, which doubles up as a bedside table, so it is always there. No getting it out and putting it away again. Today  I did some ironing. I was given a big bag of felt offcuts all tangled up, at Crafty Club this morning, and they needed ironing, so I set to and did it. Most of it was in long strips. Here I am half way through, it seemed to go on and on, sorting out the colours. Mayze is supervising. Not sure what I can use this for, probably only good for small projects like the Christmas decorations, and hanging hearts. 
It turned into a 'tidying up felt' day, so I went through all my felt, ironed it, and sorted it into colours. I had one of these mixed bags once before and there is quite a lot of dark colours and narrow strips in them. A lot of brown.

The larger flat pieces I put in a plastic storage box.

I even keep all the tiny pieces. When I am making something small I look in these baskets first to see if there is the right colour and size, before I cut into a larger piece.

After I whittled the tangled mess down into tidily ironed piles, I gave up with the last bits. Can't be bothered to iron these. If I do get round to using them I will iron them as and when.

The weather has been wet and miserable today so this has kept me busy indoors. The cats haven't wanted to go out, Garcia came early and stayed all day. He seems to know what time to go home, usually leaving about 4pm, so he is waiting on the doorstep when they come home from work.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rescuing stuff from the tip

Hello. Back again. It was my lucky day today. I was walking down the High Street, as I do, at the start of my walk, when I came across someone sorting through the contents of their shed. They had removed quite a lot of stuff, and it was in a pile on their driveway. It caught my eye, as it does. No skip, just stuff. I asked if they were dumping any of it, and could I see if there is anything I can make use of. They pointed out a few things which were destined for the tip, and said if I went back in a couple of hours they would have a few more things sorted out. This gave me chance to do my walk and have a sandwich before I went back in my car. 
Look what I got, a very nice cane arm chair complete with cushions. It's lovely and comfy, just the job for the Summer House. 
A box of assorted bricabrac, there are some glasses which I will take to the charity shop. Floor tiles, rolls of wall paper, a wooden box, tins of paint, curtains, a throw, a bed sheet, and an iron ornamental pot holder, plus other odds and sods.

Oh, I see, Mayze has discovered the new chair.

This wrought iron thingy will hold two small plant pots. I had a small pot of green paint left over from painting the shed plaque, and the apples I painted with nail varnish. It's given it a new lease of life. A free garden ornament for me.

There are 21 new, self stick vinyl floor tiles, in a marble design. They will come in useful.

 I'm not 100% sure what this is. It's like a giant plastic comb, and bendy. The four pieces are about three feet long and fasten together. I think it is something you screw to the top of a fence to stop cats jumping over, maybe. Can't think of anything else. I have an idea for a garden sculpture for this.

Oooh look, now it's Heidi's turn on the new chair.

I think I did alright there, lucky I was passing when I did, or this lot would have gone to the tip. Don't forget, when you are out and about keep your eyes open for free stuff. Look for skips, or people sorting out stuff and loading their car up. Always ask if there is anything you fancy, don't be shy. The worst that can happen is that they say no. Mostly they say take what you want.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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