Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Hello. A big fail today. Tried to copy Cassie's video, made a right pigs ear out of it, mainly because I didn't have the right materials. Cut a piece of cardboard, cover it with glue, stick on various bits and bobs, add more glue.

 Cover in foil, press down with fingers, and paint.
 Nope, doesn't look anything like hers.

What went wrong? Put too much topping on the pizza. Used PVA glue, maybe this is the wrong sort. Beads started poking through the foil, so I removed them. Try again with fresh piece of foil. Air bubbles trapped underneath, smooth it from the centre working out towards the edges. Wrong kind of paint. No wire wool so try other abrasives, didn't work. Need more practice.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tarting up Mrs Tiggy-winkle

Hello. Remember these two, they were unwanted, thrown out, destined for the skip. 
Mrs Tiggy-winkle has had a makeover. I was going to paint her in several different colours but I could see that it was going to be a fiddly job, so I opted for an all over transformation with subtle green metalic paint. Much easier to do, and she looks like brand new again, even better than the original finish.  

I went to the mobile library today and came across a book which might be very useful for my next project, ha ha.  Having a coffee break, I'll have a read and see what materials I will need.

Blooming hot today outside, I've trimmed my hair, done a load of washing, now it's tea time.

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A touchyfeelly texture project, by Cassie

Good morning, a quickie before I get started with the jobs for the day. You might have noticed that I have a link to Cassie Stephens blog on my sidebar. She is an art teacher, and I think she looks a lot like our Duchess Kate. She has some great art ideas, and I love the way her enthusiasm for art shines through in the clothes she wears and the way she projects her voice. I would love to be in her art class. Our art teacher at school was Mr Brodie, and all we did was paint, which I wasn't very good at. Nowadays art is about so much more than just painting.

I've been on yooootoooob and Cassie has several videos on there and I've picked one out which shows a simple project that anyone can have a go at. I will certainly give it a try. She demonstrates the technique on a smallish circular piece of cardboard, but it can be adapted to any size and any shape. Have a look and see what you think. If you are feeling creative why not make one yourself today. All you need is cardboard, glue, kitchen foil, paint, and some bits and bobs. It's all about adding texture.

I'll leave you to it and will be back later to see how you have got on. You are welcome to comment about your creations. What did you use to create your texture?

Catch you later.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Get it down you, it will do you good

Hello. I wish the kids were as easy going about food as I am. I've got the oldies, Bugsy and Rocky hanging around my feet because they are not happy with the food I have just served up. They think if they whinge enough I am going to cave in and come up with a fresh bowl with something different in it. Sometimes I do,  to get a bit of peace from them. Tonight they are just going to have to eat what is there, I am fed up of throwing food away. 
When we were little we had to eat whatever mum dished up, and some of it was pretty awful. Some of the meat dishes were unrecognizable as meat, gawd knows which bits of the animal she was giving us. I often felt sick moving it around on my plate and was almost in tears. We moaned a bit but it was eat it, there is nothing else. I remember tripe, I definitely had to go without that day. Later on when I went to big school I looked forward to school dinners, especially puddings which my mum was not very good at making. 
This portion of frozen stew does not look very appetizing, but I know what's in it so it will be tasty. 
This is something I had the other day, simple veggie burgers in buns with potato salad and houmous. It was ok for a change because I couldn't be bothered to cook, but I could have managed on just one, I was too full afterwards.

As you know I often chuck a few things in a pan and scramble two eggs into the mix. I like these simple one pan meals. Here is left over steamed veg from the previous day, I made too much, with a handful of frozen broad beans and some chick peas.

Underneath the beans and chick peas is a portion of cheap noodles, with Danish Blue cheese on the top. It looks more like a side dish you would get at a restaurant because I put it into a bowl instead of a plate. This was my dinner one night last week.

I like to mix and match my food, I don't need recipes to follow, I make it up as I go along. It makes life more interesting to invent new concoctions. Anyone else have a slap dash approach to food as I do, or do you need to have all ingredients close by to create a masterpiece?

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