Monday, 16 January 2017

Bills Bills Bills

Hello. And the bills are piling in this month. Vet, car MOT, petrol, and Tesco food, all on the credit card. Been on the phone today paying for car insurance. Meters have been read and the gas and electric bill have arrived. The water bill came last week and that has been paid. Next month will be the car road tax. A lot to go out all around the same time. Never mind, there is money in the bank to pay for it all.

Big hike in the gas bill for the last three months. Piddling small amount for the previous quarter, and £99 for this quarter. I've been treating us to some heat, although I have known previous winters far colder than this one. My excuse for spending a bit more? Bugsy needs to be warm. The electricity bill is slightly higher due to longer dark nights, need the lights on more. My supplier also sent out an annual summary which is quite useful. Based on the actual annual cost last year, the estimated costs for 2017 are £197 for gas, and £179 for electric. If I was on a monthly direct debit, which I'm not, it would be £31.50 a month. I can live with that.

I went to Crafty Club this morning, it was a good turn out, a new lady joined. I took Bugsy to see Marian the vet this afternoon. It's a drop in centre so no appointment required. I was a bit concerned that he had stopped eating again. She found a sore spot in his mouth so he has had an antibiotic shot, and something to stimulate his appetite. I have some tablets to give him over the next three days. Hope fully there will be some improvement soon.

Jade dog walk when I came back from the vet. No sign of the regular walker yet, we don't know when he is coming back off his holidays.

Got to cut this short, need to go upstairs and spend some time with Heidi. She seems to be forever in the spare room, can't get her to come down and stay with us in the living room. She is a little bit subdued, I don't think she is feeling too good. I've had a word with Marian and we both think I should up her medication dose slightly, and go back to the original dose of one tablet per night. Her gums are not as pink as they should be, she is becoming a little bit anaemic again.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Just popping in.

Hello, howz ya doin. I'm just out of the bath, sweet smelling and scrubbed. 
I have an idea for the next picture, fragments of fabric laid out on a backing. There will be a lot of stitching.Who knows how it will end up. Something will happen as I am working on it. 
A 'no cook' dinner from yesterday. Love the mushroom pasta with pine nuts. Watercress, iceberg lettuce and potato salad. Quick and easy. 
And the dinner today was similar, two boiled eggs and broad bean and mint houmous. Delishus.

I did three hours of walking today, my three mile route three times, back to back. I felt like I wanted to do a bit extra, and set aside the afternoon for it, 2pm to 5pm. I think I might do that again.

Just a quick one tonight. Bugsy is wanting my attention, he can't get settled. He's been off his food again.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon
Toodle pip.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Slashing the grocery bill

Hello me hearties. It's a bright sunny morning, makes me want to go out. Makes me think of all those lovely walks I am going to do this year. I've got a spring in my step. 
My yellow sticker dash last night proved very fruitful, I got £24.82's worth of food for £6.20. Howzat for money saving. This little lot will last me a couple of weeks, along with other bits and bobs I bought, till receipt at the bottom. Quite a bit spent was for the cats, mainly Bugsy and his treats. 
There's diced onions, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onions, carrots, potatoes, rice noodles, egg noodles,  houmous, salad leaves, potato salad, watercress, mushroom pasta, brussels sprouts, pancakes, and a 30p cake. Gotta have a treat. 75% off most things. Of course a lot of it won't need cooking so a saving on gas will be made as well.
Everything here is all out of date as from midnight last night. I shall inspect my fridge 2 or 3 times a day, and will eat what will go off the quickest, first. After all the salady stuff, if I think I might not be able to eat the rest in time, I will cook the veg up into stews and freeze in margarine tubs. These are my ready meals.  

Yes, there's a bottle of plonk there, I am not doing dry January, my alcohol intake is very low, one bottle every 3 - 4 weeks, so why should I deprive myself of that. This weekend is Wine Weekend, the bottle will last four days. The meaty items and tuna, along with the cat food are treats for Bugsy.

This yellow sticker dash seems to be turning into a monthly ritual. In between times I sometimes pick up a bit from Aldi if I am in town, and buy a few items from the Discount stores, B & M, Home Bargains, and Poundstretcher. Occasionally I will call into the small Asda which is within walking distance, if I have 20 minutes to spare, and I will pick up a few oddments from the Cash and Carry as I drive past there on my way to town. Keeping my food bill low is really easy, I have it all organized, I know where to shop within my budget.

The places I don't go are Sainsburys, and Marks and Sparks,  far too expensive. Morrisons is at the other end of town so is the big Asda, I have no need to drive that far. I have looked in Farmfoods, the mainly freezer place, they don't have much that I would actually eat. We get a leaflet through the door every so often, there was only frozen veg and Quorn that I would actually eat, all the rest is processed, ready meals, full of sugar, junk. No thanks.

Anyway, I'm sure you have your favourite foods and places to shop, which will be different from mine, according to how many you shop for and what the rest of your family eat. I must say, shopping for one is very easy.

I'm off out now. Too nice to be in. Thanks for popping in, have a nice weekend.
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Painting the easy way.

Hello. That's another one finished, I think. I say I think because I'm not so sure that the frame is right, but it will stay like this for the time being. I found a frame yesterday at a charity shop for £1, which was the exact size I needed. It's a metallic gold and there isn't a mark on it. 
The paint is household emulsion from the sample pots, the black outlining done with a fine liner felt tip pen. I found a small Body Shop lip brush in my ancient makeup box, it was perfect for this job. Doubt I shall ever be using lippy again.

And this is the piece of fabric before I started. It's quite thick, like a heavy curtain fabric. Some of the colours only needed one coat, some two coats. 
I did think that a black frame would look good to give the colours extra vibrancy, so I stuck some tape around the edge. Not so sure now. I am now thinking paint the gold frame silver, that might give it a more modern style.

The picture size is 10 inches by 12 inches. I love it. Think I'm going to keep it.

The bad weather is here, snow this morning though it was gone within an hour of falling. It's still windy and cold. I might do the yellow sticker dash tonight, if I can be bothered. Need to fill the car with petrol as well.

Thanks for popping in, the weekend is here, enjoy, we'll catch up soon.
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