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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Nice day for a walk into town

Hello. It was such a lovely day today that I had to go out for a walk. I decided to go to town and check in at the Art Gallery. They have a couple of new exhibitions on, and they have recently had to re arrange the Open Exhibition because of falling masonry from the old church building. The pictures, including one of mine, are now in the new part of the building. 
Walking out of the village I took a path across a field. Many of the fields round here have been given over to growing turf. It must be a profitable crop as they have been producing it for a few years now. 
A short stretch of wood to go through.

Then out the other side along a very boggy track. It was easier to walk along the edge of the field rather than plod through the mud.

Past the fishing pond. No one about, probably out of season now.

Then a stretch along the road , and along a footpath past the large pond. This is where Rocky used to go swimming. There is a video of him swimming in the video page, click on the link above. 
The pond was part of the Old Steelworks, they took ages to dig all the pollution out of it and turn it into a haven for wildlife.

This notice was pinned to the gate. I am too late to protest about the planning application to allow jet skiing on it. I hope they are refused. There is a jet ski lake on the other side of town, I don't know why they want to come here.

Coming into Scunthorpe, I was saddened to see how filthy it was. Rubbish all along the verges, it looks a proper dump. Two people came out of a driveway, drinking cola from cans. They walked in my direction just in front of me. They had only taken a couple of swigs and decided they didn't want them, so tossed the half full cans onto a small patch of communal garden. Disgusting yobbish behaviour. I wasn't going to challenge them because they looked the kind of people who would give you a mouthful of abuse. The whole area round there is run down, no one takes any pride in their surroundings any more. It's quite depressing to see.

I got the 4.30pm bus back from town. Five and a half miles are added to my total.

Dinner was cheap and quick tonight. A packet of Pasta and Sauce Macaroni Cheese, from Aldi, about 39p I think, can't remember exactly. I don't normally buy this, but I thought it would be a change, and handy to have if I didn't feel like cooking. Topped with some garlicky mushrooms. Tasted lovely.

I took some photo's in the Art Gallery, I'll put them on asap. Now I'm going to relax.
Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday, I'm out for the day visiting rellies.
Toodle pip


  1. I hate litter. Why do people do it? Other than that a nice walk. Just realised haven't updated my miles. Will do tomorrow oops. Hope all is well. X

  2. People refuse to pick up after themselves. There is no point in confronting them. They don't respect or love any one around them. Anyway, i love your pasta topped with mushroom. Looks good.

  3. I hate litter too. I hadn't realised you live in such a dump, not somewhere to plan to visit. I'm thankful it's lovely where we are, the Pennines are beautiful, have you ever visited on your travels?

    1. Hi. I don't live in a dump, I live in a very nice village in the countryside. Like most towns, we have rough areas, places where litter is lying around.

      I have been to the Pennines many times, walked all over it, through it, stayed there, I know it well.

    2. Hi, our Pennines are plural, it's a range of mountains and hills. When you say you walked all over IT, do you perhaps mean the Pennine Way?

    3. I have not walked the whole of the Pennine Way, just parts of it. I have criss crossed the Pennines many times. It is an area I am familiar with.

  4. It makes me angry when people just toss their litter. I had a friend who would chase after people but like you I don't want a pinch up 😄. They have clearly never been taught any better.

  5. In our village we have an elderly gentleman who voluntarily picks up litter. When I used to dog walk I too would pick up anything
    that obviously needed to go in the bin. It's sad that people don't respect their environment. SueM

  6. It is such a shame that our open spaces are being treated like rubbish dumps; the idea of taking home litter to dispose of responsibly, has vanished. You live in Lincolnshire, I live in Wiltshire, and the problem is the same here, so it is countrywide. Yesterday, I went for what should be a delightful walk alongside a stream on the outskirts of an estate in Trowbridge, and the amount of litter was disgusting, at its worst near a school. Last year, the council spent a huge amount to clear domestic rubbish abandoned in hedgerows, but weekly bin collections are a thing of the past.
    I love reading your blogs, Ilona, and this one really touched a nerve!

  7. I too will never understand people that throw their rubbish rather than take it home. When my kids were little, when we went anywhere by car I always had a plastic bag attached to the door handle and all our rubbish got put into that and placed in the bin later. Here in Geneva at least once a year they have a "clean up Lake Geneva" weekend where local divers bring up rubbish found in the lake and volunteers deal with it "above ground". I intend to volunteer next time and have colleagues that dive for that event. Good lads. Anna

  8. Litter - the scourge of society. I live in a rural area and have a private, secluded driveway. Apart from the cans/takeaway pots/bottles/papers etc that I pick up after these 'little dears' on a regular basis, I keep a special pair of marigolds for this job, I have had to dispose of nappies, tampons and condoms (all used!!!). What is wrong with these people? It makes my blood boil. Rant over. Amanda

  9. What a lovely route to town! Love those ponds, I hope the jet skiers don't succeed. I can't imagine any Council in their right mind allowing the peace to be disturbed by noise and stress and injury to wildlife (however cynical me can imagine 'backhanders').

    I pick up when I'm walking in the countryside and have a bag of wet wipes on hand, just in case :-)

    Linda xx

  10. It will be a shame if the local authority give the water space to jet skiers, as there is little space left for wildlife but they may be under financial pressure to give in. Is it not an SSSI? We have some fab nature reserves on the old coal fields in yorkshire.

  11. What a lovely walk to take into town:) We have Clean Up Australia Day here and I see there is a Keep Britain Tidy campaign, I just wish people would take Pride in their surroundings. Linda xx

  12. This looks like a lovely walk, lots of variety.

  13. Cannot stand litter bugs that's how you end up with rats,disgusting.


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