Thursday, 15 June 2017

Here's the back - front later

Hello. Before I switch off and go outside, here is a teaser. The back of the felted picture. As you can see I have been stitching away. I'm up early every morning and while I drink my coffee, I add a bit more. I must say, the front looks pretty darn good. 
Catch you later. Toodle pip


  1. Looks great! Looking forward to the grand unveiling of the front:) Have just been at Morrison's and got 4 lemon muffins for 35p. Ha ha! You have sharpened my attention to prices, Ilona. Thank you.

  2. So is "darn" the operative word? Looking forward to the reveal. Rae x

  3. I am looking forward to the "reveal" and you have got my fingers itching to embroider again - and needle felt again come to that, now I have got a multi-needle punch instead of just one single felting hook!


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