Sunday, 27 August 2017

Erm....excuse me

Good morning Garcia. I didn't know you liked reading MSE Forum, tell me when you want me to scroll down. Have you finished that page? Ok, I'll turn over for you. What would you like to see next? Pets? Ok then, here we go. 
I'll leave you alone for a minute, just hit the keyboard when you want to change the page. No, don't eat the mouse, you won't like it. It's not a real one. Don't forget to log off when you have finished.
I'll be back later.


  1. Garcia is such a cute name. My black cat is called Joseph Shane lol

  2. Garcia looks very intelligent Ilona-he may write to us when your'e not looking-cheeky monkey x

  3. Love Garcia's name :-)

    They are funny aren't they, always wanting to see what we're up to.

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: when cats evolve opposable thumbs, they will rule the world.

  5. Perfect photo ! Our cat used to climb up and lay across the keyboard ;)

  6. brilliant - my black cat does exactly the same, watches the screen whilst perched on my lap. they are characters of great wisdom!?!?!


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